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ESELA fête sa première année! It's ESELA's first year anniversary!

Pour en savoir plus sur les événements à venir, cliquez ici!

N'oubliez pas de visiter notre site web ainsi que notre Twitter, et Facebook.

To find out more about upcoming events, click here!

Also visit our website, Twitter and Facebook for more information.

A word from Chair of ESELA, Luke Fletcher:

"The start of a new year causes me to reflect on all that has happened since the official launch of ESELA on 2 December 2015. It is pleasing to see the distance we have come in such a short time.

Over the last twelve months or so, we have seen a steady growth in membership and we are well on the way to becoming a truly pan-European network, with at least one specialist law firm member in 17 different member states and more members on the way. Our aim is to have expert members across Europe and to foster stronger and deeper relationships with and between members – happily, we are seeing a lot of referrals, introductions and collaborations between member law firms and clients.

We hosted our first annual conference, held a local seminar in Geneva and are looking forward to our second annual conference in Brussels on 27-28 April on the theme of how businesses and not for profits can team up to have a positive impact. We are also busy making plans for future events in Luxembourg and Milan, which we hope to be able to share more details about in the coming months.

ESELA has been invited to speak at a raft of conferences in different countries, including in Sofia, Brussels, Geneva, New York, Rome, London and Paris. We have also had the chance to support policymakers at various levels and are excited to see the promising direction of European Commission policy on social enterprise. We look forward to working with our members and partners to support the growth of social enterprise in Europe and beyond in 2017."

- Luke Fletcher

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